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Need Braille?

Our mission at Get Braille is to bring accessible materials to individuals with print disabilities for school, work, home, and leisure activities. We specialize in promptly converting your documents into quality braille, large print, and audio materials in order to provide accessible formats to your students, family members and customers. Contact us today for an affordable quote.

Our dedicated team at Get Braille excels in converting restaurant menus, employee handbooks, educational materials, personal correspondence, conference materials and more. For a detailed list, check out our services page. We can deliver within your deadlines whether you require one copy or a hundred.

Get Braille is your one stop shop to get materials in braille, large print, or audio alternative formats. Place stress-free orders with a lightning fast turn around.

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Our Services

Get Braille can convert any electronic file to braille. We can deliver the braille in an electronic braille ready format (BRF), or emboss braille materials as a hard copy and ship anywhere in the USA.

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Conversion Pricing

We accept materials for conversion to Braille, large print, and audio in Microsoft word format only. All other readily convertible text documents will include a conversion fee.

More complicated documents not convertible by automated means will incur a hand-transcription fee per page; these include documents with hand-written text, scanned non-OCR images, text boxes and text columns.

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