Accessible Booth Solutions

Elevate Your Conference Presence with Accessible Booth Solutions

When exhibiting at events, it’s crucial your booth messaging and collateral connect with all potential prospects – regardless of visual abilities. GetBraille offers turnkey accessible solutions to complement your standard conference booth elements, allowing you to reach every attendee while showcasing an inclusive, forward-thinking brand.

Simplify Your Trade Show Experience

As a true one-stop shop, GetBraille takes the complexity out of exhibiting with a comprehensive list of booth materials. We’re your single source for producing both standard print pieces and accessible counterparts like large print, braille and audio description.

Streamline your next convention with GetBraille as your comprehensive single-source for accessible booth materials! Our accessible booth enhancements help create an immersive experience tailored to diverse needs.
Augment your print brochures, handouts and signage with:

  • Large Print Versions: Replicate your content in ultra-readable large format!
  • Embossed Braille Materials: Vital info and messaging translated into braille!
  • Audio Description: High-quality voiced descriptions of marketing videos or prerecorded presentations!
  • Accessible Braille Business Cards: Clear adhesive braille overlays instantly making standard business cards accessible!
people visiting booths at a computer trade show

Brand Continuity from Booth to Hands

GetBraille’s accessibility solutions prioritize a cohesive branded appearance that extends your polished convention presence. Our designers collaborate to ensure:

  • Large print and braille formatting maintains your distinctive branding elements
  • Audio descriptions utilize professional voice talent to capture your authentic tone
  • Accessible versions mirror your original print materials’ clean layouts and styling

From business card braille overlays to large print and braille handouts, each accessible component provides a seamless on-brand experience and messaging alignment.

business card with a braille overlay for accessibility

Turnkey Accessibility for Exhibitors

As a comprehensive tradeshow partner, we’ll handle all aspects of producing, proofing and delivering your standard and accessible booth materials – allowing you to enhance attendee engagement without added complexity. Our start-to-finish solution gets you fully exhibition-ready with accessibility in mind.

One Vendor, One Invoice, One Shipment

By consolidating all your accessible needs under one roof, GetBraille eliminates hassles and streamlines your process:

  • One point of contact for all orders and coordination
  • Single consolidated invoice for standard and accessible materials
  • Choose to receive one combined shipment of all versions

You’ll save time, money and headaches by avoiding multiple vendors, purchase orders and deliveries to juggle.

Exhibit-Ready Anywhere

Whether your materials are shipping directly to the convention venue or back to your office first, GetBraille ensures your materials arrive completely exhibit-ready. We pack everything to minimize handling. You can conveniently showcase your marketing collateral both standard and accessible options right out of the box.

Ship Direct or Distribute from Office

Not sure where your event materials need to go? No problem – we offer flexible delivery options for your convenience:

  • Direct to convention venue
  • Delivered to your office
  • Split shipments

With GetBraille’s accessible tradeshow solutions, you can effortlessly incorporate inclusivity into your exhibit plans. We’ll provide a seamless, turnkey experience – from production to delivery – so you can focus on engaging every attendee.

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Print and Finishing Services

Standard Printing (Offset/Digital)

  • Die cutting and specialty finishes
  • Copies and document printing
  • Binding and finishing services

Informational Handouts in Standard, Large Print and Braille

  • Product/service sheets
  • Whitepapers and case studies
  • Instructional guides and manuals
  • Corporate brochures
  • Trade Show agenda/schedules

Business Collateral

  • Business cards (plus accessible clear braille overlays)
  • Appointment cards/calendars
  • Notepads and sticky notes
  • Custom envelope printing

Booth Graphics and signage

  • Hanging banners
  • Printed tablecloths/runners
  • Directional signage
  • Large format displays

Promotional Giveaways

  • Brochures and flyers
  • Catalogs and lookbooks
  • Folders and presentation covers
  • Branded stickers and decals
  • Branded merchandise (pens, bags, magnets, signature guides, braille alphabet cards, etc.)

Accessible Versions

  • Large print handouts/brochures
  • Embossed braille materials
  • braille signage and wayfinding
  • Clear braille business card overlays
By offering standard printing along with accessible braille, large print, and audio solutions, GetBraille is a one-stop shop for all an organization’s convention print needs. Reach out today to make your next convention or conference accessible to all attendees regardless of visual acuity.
trade show brochures being handed out