Accessible Municipal Communications for All Citizens

As a town leader, ensuring your communications are accessible to every citizen should be a top priority. But are you inadvertently leaving some residents in the dark?
For those with visual impairments, standard print materials can create barriers to critical information about local policies, town meetings, community resources, and more. That’s why it’s essential to provide accommodations through braille and large print formats.

At GetBraille, we help municipalities tear down those barriers and uphold their commitment to inclusion. Our services make your communications accessible to citizens with visual impairments.

podium at a town meeting

The Key to Engaging Your Entire Community

By converting documents, presentations, and publications into readable braille and large print versions, you’ll ensure no one is left out due to a visual disability.

Some key materials we can transcribe include:

  • Meeting agendas, minutes and handouts
  • Policy updates and legislative proposals
  • Voter guides and ballot measures
  • Town newsletters and announcements
  • Event programs and promotional materials
  • Plus any other municipal content you need transcribed

Our team has years of expertise in braille and large print transcription. We’ll handle all the technical details so you can focus on engaging and serving your entire community.

sign for evacuation route on a town road

Further video and event inclusion with Audio Descriptions & Captions

In today’s multimedia landscape, ensuring accessibility goes beyond just print materials Is essential. Video content like town access television, event recordings, and promotional videos need to be made accessible through audio descriptions and captioning. Our services cover both these critical needs.

Our professional describers craft detailed audio descriptions of all relevant visual information, allowing those with vision impairments to fully experience your videos. At the same time, our expert captioners provide full transcripts timed to the audio, making multimedia accessible for deaf and hard of hearing citizens as well.

Whether broadcasting on television, streaming online, or sharing video updates, you can rely on us to supply the audio description files and caption files needed to achieve full multimedia accessibility.

Show Your Commitment to Accessibility

Accommodating citizens with disabilities isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s a legal requirement under the ADA. But more importantly, it’s a powerful way to demonstrate your town’s values.

By ensuring communications are accessible in every format, you’ll send a clear message: Our town leaves no one behind and treats all citizens equitably.

Reach out today to learn how we can support your accessibility efforts and help you build a more inclusive municipality. Don’t let disabilities bar any citizens from participating fully. With our accessibility solutions, you can make your town’s communications truly accessible for all.

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