Make Your Multimedia Inclusive Through Audio Description

In today’s digital world, video and multimedia are essential tools for marketing, training, and communications. But are your pre-recorded assets truly accessible to blind and low-vision audiences? GetBraille provides professional audio description services to make your multimedia more accessible.

What is Audio Description?

Audio description is an inserted narration track that describes the key visual elements of a video or presentation. The carefully timed descriptions fill the natural pauses to paint a picture of on-screen action, graphics, scene changes and other vital visuals. This additional voiced context allows those with limited or no vision to fully engage with and understand the content.

young woman listening to an audio transcription

A Comprehensive Accessibility Solution

GetBraille is your comprehensive resource for enhancing pre-recorded marketing assets with audio descriptions, including:

  • Recorded presentations/webcasts/trainings
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Online course materials
  • Social media content across channels and platforms
  • And more!

Our seasoned description writers possess a deep understanding of accessibility best practices. They craft vivid yet concise descriptions perfectly aligned to the multimedia content at hand. Professional voiceover artists then record the timed descriptions with exceptional diction, tone, style and audio quality.

Maintain Brand Continuity

For branded videos and multimedia, it’s crucial the added audio description maintains your distinct voice and tone.

GetBraille keeps your branding cohesive by providing:

  • Brand, Audience and Subject-Appropriate Writing Style: We develop descriptions from your marketing perspective.
  • Custom Instruction and Terminology: We consult your preferences and guidelines when it comes to pronunciations, content-specific terms, translations and more.

The result is an accessible experience completely true to your brand’s personality and established multimedia presence.

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Unlock the Power of Inclusive Multimedia

By adding audio description tracks to your pre-recorded content, you’ll expand reach, build more connections, and create a truly inclusive experience across all abilities. Let GetBraille enhance your multimedia’s accessibility and impact today.

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