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With the proliferation of visual media in corporate communications, accessibility for persons with visual impairment or other disabilities is often overlooked. Making media accessible to all is a critical aspect of promoting diversity and inclusion. When media is accessible to all individuals, regardless of their abilities, it ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from media content. This accessibility helps to foster a more inclusive and diverse workplace that values the perspectives and experiences of all individuals. 

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Videos are now a critical part of a company’s communication strategy, both to internal and external audiences. Visual media used for product instruction or marketing including on social media channels, is often impossible to follow without the benefit of being able to observe the screen. Internal training videos convey critical information to internal users about policies and procedures that all employees have to be able to access and understand. In both situations, it is critical to provide video description, or descriptive narration, that incorporates additional verbal commentary which describes visual details for people who are blind or visually impaired along with those with learning disabilities, and people with attention difficulties.  

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 285 million people worldwide who are visually impaired. These individuals may have difficulty accessing your video content without the proper accommodations. Failure to provide audio descriptions could mean that a significant portion of the population is unable to access your content, resulting in lost business opportunities and potential legal liabilities. Let assist with your inclusivity initiatives by providing audio description for your internal training videos along with your marketing and instructional content.

In a conference room, three individuals on the left and two on the right sit at a conference table. A youthful gentleman gives a presentation smiling. Behind him on the wall is a large slide; he gestures as he explains. A projector sits to his right.

Why is audio description important?

The importance of audio description for corporate communications cannot be overstated. It is a requirement under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Under the WCAG, audio description is required for any video content that contains important visual information that’s not conveyed through dialogue. This includes things like charts, graphs, and diagrams, and any actions or settings that are essential to understanding the content.

What is audio description?

Audio description provides a verbal description of what’s happening on screen. This can include descriptions of actions, settings, and facial expressions, as well as any important visual information that’s not conveyed through dialogue. The goal of audio description is to make video content accessible to individuals who are blind, visually impaired, are English Language Learners, or have difficulty processing visual information.

Several office staff are seated around a conference room table including a blind man in sunglasses reading a braille document. To his left are a woman on her laptop and a man. To his right are a ponytailed woman in a white shirt and a bearded man glancing at the back of another man's head.


To utilize our audio description services, contact GetBraille using the form provided and explain a bit about your audio description needs.

We accept videos for audio description in digital video formats only. Accepted file types include:

  • MP4,
  • MOV,
  • WMV,
  • AVI,
  • FLV,
  • F4V,
  • MKV,
  • SWF

We’ll provide you with a temporary link to download your described content. Your video will be rendered in the highest quality MP4 possible. Other file formats or resolutions can be provided upon request. 

In order to properly describe your video or animation, we will require information about the subject matter. If the video is scripted, providing a copy of the script along with the movie is helpful. If your content is unscripted, providing a key to identify the people and locations featured in the video will assist in proper creation of descriptive narration. This key may be composed of picture and name pairs for accurate personalized description.

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