Braille and Large Print Business Cards: Accessibility for All Clients

For businesses who serve clients who happen to be blind or have low vision, having braille and large print on business cards is essential for promoting professional services and networking effectively with this important audience.

Other braille business card vendors braille directly on the business cards themselves. However, from personal experience we have found that this results in the braille wearing down and becoming unreadable from repeated handling or improper storage. At GetBraille, we offer a smart solution with our clear adhesive-backed braille overlays. These durable overlays allow for easy reading of both the printed text (which can be large print) and added braille on business cards, without the braille wearing down.

The standard size business card can accommodate up to 4 lines of braille, with a maximum of 14 characters per line using our overlays. This provides ample space for including essential contact information like name, job title, phone number, email, and website in an accessible format.
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Overlay Options

GetBraille offers two convenient options for clients interested in braille business card overlays.

  1. Standard Packs of 100 overlays that can be easily applied to existing business cards – 14 cells across 4 lines down.
  2. For those who need a complete braille business card solution, we provide a full-service option including printing and overlay application.

Abbreviating for Braille Brevity

While print business cards can display full unabbreviated information, the limited space for braille overlays often requires some details to be shortened or omitted entirely for accessibility and space constraints.

For example, if someone’s email address already contains their full first and last name (e.g. John Doe (at) company (dot) com), we typically won’t repeat the full name separately on the braille overlay. This helps conserve precious character space.

Similarly, someone with a longer name like “Alexandria Constantinopolous” would likely need to be shortened to the first name and last initial “Alexandria C.”we would make this abbreviation especially if the email address on the business card follows the common “first initial (dot) last name” format.

The maximum 4 lines of 14 characters means some judicious editing is often required to convey the most essential details succinctly in braille.

Omitting lower priority information is necessary as well. A long multi-line tagline or company description needs to be removed in order to find space for crucial items like phone, website, and email.

While printing allows displaying all details in full, braille’s space constraints require carefully prioritizing the most vital contact information.

Double-Sided Overlays for Maximizing Information

For professionals who need to provide extensive contact details and information on their business cards, GetBraille offers the option of applying braille overlays to both the front and back sides.

While a single-sided overlay allows for up to 4 lines of 14 characters, using the full front and back surface doubles the braille capacity to 8 lines. This makes it possible to comprehensively translate items like:

  • Full name and credentials
  • Multiple phone/fax numbers
  • Email address
  • Website URL

By utilizing the full real estate of the card, less information has to be abbreviated or omitted when accommodating longer contact information into braille.

For example, a doctor’s braille business card may have the front covered with name, title, and hospital affiliation, while the back could then include office phone, email, and website.

Double-sided overlays still allow for normal print on both sides as well. So sighted colleagues and clients can read all the details normally in text while the abbreviated braille is available on the overlays.

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Full-Service Accessible Business Card Solution

For the most comprehensive accessible business card option, our full-service braille business card printing includes professionally applying the clear braille overlays to newly printed business cards.

In addition to producing the braille overlays, GetBraille offers professional business card printing. This allows clients to create fully branded, visually appealing business cards in premium formats while still being accessible to blind and low vision customers and networking contacts.

For added flexibility and cost savings, GetBraille offers clients the option to order a combination of standard print business cards and accessible cards with braille overlays applied. This allows distributing the more economical print-only version to sighted clients and contacts, while still having braille-integrated cards available for those who are blind or have low vision.

By only applying the durable braille overlays to a portion of the total card order, it reduces the overall production costs compared to integrating accessibility across the entire run. Sighted print readers can receive the basic cards, while ensuring an accessible solution is still provided for when needed. This hybrid approach optimizes budget resources while maintaining inclusivity.

With GetBraille’s flexible offerings, businesses can implement braille overlays comprehensively or produce separate print and accessible card batches based on their specific needs and audience ratios. We’re happy to work with any order configuration to balance cost-effectiveness with maximum accessibility.

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Ensuring Durable Braille Overlays

With our full-service accessible card printing, clients have the ability to choose from a wide range of premium paper stocks to match their existing branding and marketing materials. For maximum adhesion and longevity of the braille overlays, we recommend choosing smooth paper finishes with a gloss or semi-gloss coating. Uncoated matte stocks or those with heavy textured surfaces may prevent full contact and cause premature peeling of the overlays.

Ideal paper stock options for braille business cards include premium gloss or silk coated cover stocks in the range of 100lb text or 14pt weights. These thicker card stocks provide a very smooth surface that allows the clear braille overlays to adhere firmly and evenly without any air bubbles or peeling. Clients can choose from bright white or elegant cream shades.

A key advantage of our accessible business card printing is the ability to print full-bleed backgrounds and designs with no borders. This means the printed colors, patterns, images, or branding elements can extend seamlessly to the edges of the card for maximum visual impact. There are no limitations in terms of ink coverage.

Whether desiring a simple solid color background or a vibrant full-bleed photo print, our printing process ensures proper coating and surface preparation for ideal overlay adhesion. Even with heavy ink saturation, the finish prevents any interference with the clear overlay material.

For example, a law firm may opt for rich blue full-bleed background to reinforce their brand color. The glossy coating allows the clear braille overlay to adhere securely while the blue shows through for sighted clients and networking contacts. This maintains a cohesive branded look while still being accessible.

Detailed geometric patterns, textured effects, photographic scenery—any background design is possible with full-bleed printing. This gives companies and professionals complete flexibility to incorporate creative branding elements while still prioritizing accessibility with braille overlays.

With our premium coated card stocks and full-bleed printing capabilities, GetBraille ensures both maximum brand impact and accessibility for all clients and networking contacts.

Finishing Options and Impact on Braille Overlays

For businesses that want an extra design flourish, GetBraille offers the option to add rounded corners or sculpted edge details to braille business cards. However, it’s important to note that these decorative corner cuts will reduce the available space for the braille overlay text.

On a standard 3.5″ x 2.0″ business card, there is enough room to fit up to 4 lines of grade 2 braille at 14 characters per line using our full overlay. But with rounded corners, that maximum character count decreases.

For instance, choosing a 1/4″ radius rounded corner reduces the braille capacity to around 12 characters per line. More dramatic sculpting like a 1/2″ oval corner cut allows for only about 10 characters to fit per braille line.

While decorative corner rounding or edge sculpting adds a striking visual detail, it’s important to balance it with maintaining sufficient room for all pertinent contact details to be translated into accessible braille text.

By handling every element from braille overlay creation to printing and assembly, we ensure proper alignment of the overlay text and perfect application. When choosing the full service option, Clients simply need to provide print-ready artwork files in vector format like Adobe Illustrator. Our full-bleed printing allows for background colors, patterns or images to extend to the card edges.

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Oversized Cards for Unabbreviated Accessibility

GetBraille always aims for clear and complete braille overlays, but has to abbreviate or omit some elements in order to fit in the allocated space on a standard business card. For professionals who aren’t able to compromise on having all their credentials and details displayed in an accessible format, GetBraille’s 1/2 sheet maximum size cards provide a solution.

At 8.5″ x 5.5″, the 1/2 sheet format provides exponentially more real estate than even our double sided overlay option. This maximizes the space available for comprehensive braille overlays containing:

  • Full names with credentials/certifications
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Complete mailing addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Website URLs
  • Detailed company/practice descriptions
  • Lists of specialties/services
  • Appointment booking instructions
  • And any other vital details
With this 1/2 sheet canvas, there is flexibility to lay out almost all pertinent information in braille without any need for abbreviations or omissions. The expanded area also allows for breathing room between segments for improved readability.

GetBraille’s oversized accessible business card solutions don’t just provide expanded space for comprehensive braille translation. The increased print area also enables the use of large print text to further accommodate those with low vision.

On the expanded oversized cards, contact details can be printed at a minimum of 18pt font size. This large text size meets standards for low vision readability.

By combining large print with integrated braille overlays, these oversized cards ensure accessibility for clients and contacts across the full range of vision disabilities.

The oversized formats allow laying out content with:

  • Extra-large titles and headings
  • Ample white space for high contrast
  • Large body text for details
  • Braille translations situated neatly
This tailored approach maximizes accessibility while still maintaining an orderly, polished look aligned with organizational branding.

As with all GetBraille’s solutions, the 1/2 sheet oversized format can be printed on premium card stocks with finish coatings, full-bleed designs, and includes durable braille overlay application. Clients have flexibility in colors and branding while maximizing accessibility.

With GetBraille’s full-service accessible cards, businesses can distribute premium braille and large print business cards that make a strong visual and tactile impression. The durable braille overlays provide longevity while the professional printing quality reflects a polished brand image.

To ensure accuracy, we ask for print files in vector format like Adobe Illustrator. We print full bleed, so backgrounds can extend edge-to-edge.

By utilizing GetBraille’s braille overlay solution, businesses demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and ensuring all clients can access important contact information. The durable overlays provide long-lasting braille readability, helping make a clear, professional impression regardless of an individual’s level of vision.