Prioritizing Accessibility: Large Print & Braille Municipal Communications

At, we understand the critical role that accessible information plays in ensuring the safety, preparedness, and civic participation of all community members, including those who are visually impaired. Municipalities face the ongoing challenge of providing timely and effective communication to all citizens including community members with visual impairments.

Braille Municipal Communications GetBraille can provide:

Time is of the essence when dangerous situations arise. Prepare the community ahead of time to respond properly by disseminating Braille & Large Print versions of:

  • Evacuation routes/shelter information
  • Storm/wildfire preparation information and checklists
  • Utility advisories
  • Public health/emergency instructions

Large print & braille municipal communications are critical for:

Hurricane and Extreme Weather Preparedness

Hurricanes and severe weather events can be particularly challenging for community members with visual impairments. Municipalities can facilitate better preparedness by providing Braille and large print versions of evacuation routes, emergency shelter locations, and safety procedures. Well in advance of any forecasted storm. Such measures ensure that visually impaired individuals receive crucial information swiftly and accurately, enabling them to make informed decisions during critical times.

Wildfire Preparedness for Persons with Visual Impairments

In areas prone to wildfires, offering preparedness guides in Braille and large print allows visually impaired residents to access vital information on how to protect themselves and their properties. This includes understanding evacuation routes, air quality indexes, and emergency contact numbers. By translating these guides into Braille and large print, municipalities help ensure that all community members can participate in safety measures comprehensively.

Earthquake Preparedness for Community Members with Visual Impairments

The sudden nature of earthquakes necessitates having accessible safety information for all. Braille and large print materials covering earthquake safety plans, such as securing heavy furniture, planning escape routes, and post-earthquake procedures, are invaluable. These resources empower visually impaired individuals to respond effectively and protect themselves during and after seismic events.

Accessible Civic Engagement Through Braille and Large Print

An inclusive society is one in which all citizens can fully participate. We produce braille transcriptions and large print to enable equal access to participated in key civic processes, including:

  • Braille and large print voter guides/sample ballots
  • Accessible Braille and large print polling site information/locations
  • Braille and large print public meeting/town hall agendas
  • Braille and large print municipal program details

With braille and large print versions of this content, no community members are shut out from being informed, engaged citizens due to their vision impairment.

General Safety and Critical Communications in Braille and Large Print

Beyond emergencies and voting, municipalities need to communicate various critical information regularly. This can include everything from changes in public transportation schedules to new public health guidelines. Translating these communications into Braille and large print is crucial for maintaining the independence and well-being of visually impaired residents.

Multilingual Braille and Large Print Transcription

For municipalities serving diverse populations, offers braille transcription services and large print in both English and Spanish. This allows the production of critical announcements and guides in community members’ preferred language.

Implementing Large Print & Braille Solutions for Municipalities and Voters

Other Types of Large Print & Braille Municipal Communications

At, we specialize in creating high-quality Braille translations of public documents, surveys, campaigns, voter info and other critical information to ensure they are accessible to everyone in the community. We work closely with municipalities to identify their needs and provide comprehensive Braille and large print solutions that include:

  • Custom Braille translation and large print conversion of critical documents and communications
  • Production of durable Braille and large print materials suited for various uses and environments
  • Consulting services to help municipalities understand the best practices for accessibility and inclusivity

We urge municipalities to partner with us in this vital effort. By investing in Braille and large print translations of critical information, cities and towns not only comply with legal requirements for accessibility but also demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and safety for all residents.

From emergency preparedness to civic participation, ensures no resident is left out due to vision impairment or language barriers when it comes to accessing vital municipal information and communications. We’re proud to raise the standard for accessibility and inclusivity in every community we serve.

For more information on how your municipality can implement these solutions, contact today. Let’s work together to make our communities safer and more welcoming for everyone.