Custom Braille Overlays and Labels

Accessibility Made Easy

Easily enhance accessibility by adding braille to greeting cards, personal correspondence, promotional materials, picture books, and more!

Our clear, adhesive Braille Overlays and Tactile Labels offer cost-effective, durable solutions for transforming documents and environments to improve the lives of those with visual impairments and other print disabilities. With a wide range of sizes, shapes, and customization options, our braille overlays and tactile labels are designed to meet your unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to improve accessibility at home or in the workplace, take a moment to explore how braille overlays and labels can help make your experiences and environments more inclusive.

woman with visual impairment reading accessible braille menu

Braille Overlays for Greeting Cards

Rather than trying to find an existing braille card for your special occasion, purchase any card of your choice and add our custom braille overlays to make your special card fully inclusive.

Our clear, plastic adhesive braille overlays seamlessly transform any card into an accessible braille card, including a personal note from you.

Our quick and easy turnaround ensures you never miss a moment and make someone’s day that much more special.

Example Braille Overlay Solutions for Greeting Cards and Special Occasions:

  • Birthday Cards
  • Celebration Cards
  • Holiday Cards
  • Party Invitations
  • Retirement Cards
  • Sympathy Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Wedding Invitations
Girl reading braille overlay on storybook

Children’s Board Books

Making Children’s Board Books Accessible Through the Application of Clear Adhesive Braille Overlays

Board books are sturdy books that are designed for little hands, and lend themselves well to the application of clear adhesive braille overlays.

If you are a parent or teacher with a favorite story you want to make accessible to a blind or visually impaired child, request a quote today and we can work with you to add braille to an existing commercially available Board book.

By incorporating these clear adhesive braille overlays into existing children’s books, kids with visual impairments can experience the joy of reading and exploring board books alongside their sighted peers. The braille allows them to follow the story, understand the illustrations, and develop early literacy skills through a multi-sensory approach.

Moreover, the use of braille overlays on board books promotes inclusivity and fosters a sense of belonging for little ones with visual impairments. It empowers them to participate fully in shared reading experiences, bonding with parents, caregivers, educators, and peers while fostering social and cognitive development.

toddler tracing their finger on a page in a board book
Illustration showing Clear Adhesive Braille Overlays on a children’s board book.

The Process

Ship Your Board Book to Get Braille

Our experienced braille transcribers will meticulously translate the text of the story into a braille format, adhering to established braille standards and guidelines.

Image Descriptions Added

In addition to transcribing the text, the transcribers will also provide detailed descriptions of the illustrations and images present in the book. These descriptions are consistently crafted to paint a vivid picture in the minds of young readers, enabling them to visualize the scenes and characters through the power of words.

Finishing Touches

Once the braille transcriptions are complete, the next step involves embossing the braille onto our Custom Adhesive Braille Overlays and carefully aligning and adhering them to the corresponding pages of the board book.

Our Custom Adhesive Braille Overlays are crystal clear and do not obstruct the view of the text or graphics in the book.

Accessible Text-Based Card Games

GetBraille Clear Adhesive Braille Overlays are useful for making text-based card games accessible for individuals with visual impairments. Our custom clear overlays can be applied to various text-based specialized card- games designed for educational or recreational purposes.

However, the overlays are not intended for classic deck games like poker and bridge. By incorporating these clear adhesive braille overlays into standard commercial game decks, individuals with visual impairments can easily identify and distinguish the cards during gameplay.

Our clear adhesive braille overlays are precisely cut to fit on standard playing cards and do not obstruct the readability of the print. They are a practical and effective solution that not only enhances accessibility but also promotes equal opportunities for individuals with visual impairments to participate in and enjoy the table-top-gaming experience.

Use Cases:

  • Making Educational card games accessible
  • Making card games for corporate retreats and conferences accessible
  • Making marketing card games accessible
  • Making card games for icebreakers and other activities accessible
  • Making card games at party’s and other gatherings accessible

Request a quote today to make your card games accessible to people who happen to be blind or visually impaired. We will be happy to design and produce custom braille overlays for your gaming needs.

Illustration of an accessible overlay in action; a playing card with a braille overlay adhered to it sits next to a deck of accessible playing cards.
Illustration showing how to adhere a GetBraille Clear Adhesive Braille Overlay to a playing card.

Braille Overlays for businesses

Adhesive braille overlays and tactile labels are needed by those with visual impairments to increase accessibility and to help identify the purpose of of documents, cards, exhibits, appliances, temporary signs, and other unique applications.

By using braille overlays and labels, businesses can easily improve accessibility, increasing independence for employees and customers with visual impairments and other print disabilities, all while demonstrating their commitment to creating fully inclusive environments.

Example Braille Overlay and Tactile Label Solutions for Businesses:

  • Business Cards
  • Promotional Materials and Swag (i.e. Stickers, Magnets and More)
  • Picture Books and Durable Instructions
  • Appliance Control Overlays (i.e. Microwaves, Toaster Ovens, Printers, Copiers, Coffee Makers and more)
  • Business Supplies (i.e. Labels for Boxes of Various Sized Materials)
  • File Folder Identifiers
  • Nametags
  • Temporary Indoor Signs and Displays
man with visual impairment studying braille textbook at computer

Overlays for Cosmetic Labels

Innovative GetBraille Combination Print and Braille Product Labels

GetBraille can help support the accessibility initiatives of the cosmetics and packaging industry. Our Innovative GetBraille combination Print and Braille Product labels empower individuals with visual impairments to seamlessly and independently identify products, fostering independence and promoting equal opportunities.

GetBraille’s solution revolves around the production of high-quality adhesive labels that seamlessly integrate braille text with printed information. These labels are designed to be affixed to a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products, such as body washes, shampoos, lotions, and makeup items.

The application of these braille/print adhesive labels is straightforward, allowing manufacturers and retailers to efficiently incorporate them into their existing packaging processes. The labels can be applied to a wide range of container types, including bottles, tubes, jars, and compacts, ensuring a consistent and accessible experience across various product lines.

By partnering with GetBraille, cosmetic and personal care brands can demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. These braille/print adhesive labels not only enhance the user experience for individuals with visual impairments but also send a powerful message about the brand’s values and dedication to serving a diverse customer base.

Image illustrating a shampoo bottle labeled with an Innovative GetBraille combination Print and Braille Product label.

Custom Braille Overlay and Label Requirements

Our braille overlays and labels are produced on clear plastic with adhesive backing, pre-cut to the dimensions for your specific use case.

Here’s what we need:

  • Document or application dimensions and orientation (i.e. length/width in inches; landscape verses portrait).
  • Document text and location (i.e. front, back, inside right) in MS Word file (.doc/.docx). 
  • Personal message(s).
  • Braille type (i.e. UEB uncontracted Grade 1 braille, UEB contracted Grade 2 braille or larger uncontracted/ contracted  jumbo braille).
  • Number of copies
  • Desired turnaround time.

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