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About Our Services

We accept materials for conversion to Braille, large print, and audio in Microsoft word format only.

All other readily convertible text documents will include a conversion fee.

More complicated documents not convertible by automated means will incur a hand-transcription fee per page; these include documents with hand-written text, scanned non-OCR images, text boxes and text columns.

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Restaurant Menus

Make ordering easy for everyone. Send us your menu in a Word document and we will convert it to a braille document.

Plus, all of our bound braille menus contain a large print section convenient for persons with low vision.

Seasonal menu changes? No problem! Get Braille can help you to set up an account for faster turnaround. Contact us for pricing.

image of a cart with menu choices

Disposable Menus

Disposable menus come labeled and stapled on standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch Braille paper with a maximum of 8 braille pages.

Longer disposable menus can be bound; contact us for a quote. These disposable menus do not include plastic covers, a binding comb, and a print cover page.

Reusable Menus

Reusable menus come bound with plastic covers, a binding comb, and print cover page on standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch Braille paper.

The maximum braille page per menu count is 80 for easier handling.

Longer Menus

Longer menus will be bound in sections; (I.E. lunch, dinner, seasonal, and so on.) Restaurant menus that need to be converted by a Get Braille team member before they can be translated into an accessible format will include a small fee. This covers menus with text columns, pictures, and other nonlinear elements that do not translate properly with our software when imported.

Educational Materials

Make education and training accessible to everyone. Get training manuals, study guides and other learning materials converted to braille.

The best format to send us your documents is in Microsoft Word. Other formats will incur a processing fee.

pile of textbooks

Accessible Audio Materials

Audio recordings of print materials can be an efficient way to create accessible information for anyone with print difficulties.

Written materials can be converted to mp3 files using either professional voice talent or a realistic human-sounding Text-To-Speech (TTS).

woman listening to a recording on headphones

Miscellaneous Accessible Documents

Other types of documents we can convert into Braille include, but are not limited to:

  • Newsletters
  • Conference materials (Handouts, brochures, identifying cards, hotel menus, and more.)
  • Concert Programs
  • Theater Programs
  • Cards and Messages (Braille inserts)
  • Resource Directories
  • Promotional or Informative Brochures
  • Telephone Call Center Agent Scripts
  • Screen plays
  • Onboarding Documents (Employee handbooks, policies and regs documents, training materials, guidelines, offer letters and more.)
  • Instructional Materials and Guides (For appliances, products, hardware, software and more.)
  • Surveys and Outreach Letters
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About Our Shipping

All materials will be mailed via Free Matter at no cost by default. Free Matter is USA-based only. Matter may be sent free of charge if mailed by or for the use of blind or other individuals who cannot read or use conventionally printed materials due to a print disability.

Ground UPS shipping is available for projects with less than a three week deadline and the shipping amount will be added to the final cost of the accessible materials.

illustration of a package out for delivery
Please Note: Pricing is subject to change; visit this page for updates. Our current pricing is good through December 31, 2022.