Braille Services: Empowering Accessibility Across Industries

At, we are committed to breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive world through our comprehensive suite of braille solutions. Our services extend far beyond basic document transcription, catering to the diverse accessibility needs across various sectors.
woman with visual impairment reading accessible braille menu

Literature & Publications

We transform brochures, flyers, technical manuals, product instructions, catalogs, newsletters, and other materials into braille and large print formats, ensuring equal access for the visually impaired community.
woman at a cafe reading a menu

Educational & Training Resources

Foster inclusive learning environments by converting educational content, training manuals, instructional aids, tests, quizzes, and presentations into braille and large print. Empower students and employees of all abilities to thrive.
Image illustrating a young child reading a GetBraille Dual Vision Book.

Braille for Cultural Enrichment: Enhancing Accessibility at Museums, Parks & More

At, we believe everyone deserves equal access to explore the world around them and engage with the rich experiences offered by cultural institutions. That’s why we provide customized braille transcription and production services tailored to the unique needs of zoos, aquariums, museums, botanical gardens, historic locations, state/national parks and more.
Our braille solutions allow these facilities to create inclusive interpretive materials, exhibits, and wayfinding signage that opens doors for visitors with visual impairments.
Some of the ways we help make cultural experiences more accessible include:

  • Braille-integrated guide books and maps
  • Tactile exhibit displays
  • Informational and wayfinding signage
  • Multimedia audio description and transcripts
braille signage at a zoo for a butterfly maze
Our team of skilled braille professionals work closely with designers, curators, and other cultural partners to develop customized solutions that enhance inclusion while upholding standards of quality and universal design. We aim to elevate accessibility in a way that educates, inspires, and sparks curiosity.

Contact today to explore ways we can help make your institution’s offerings more welcoming and enriching for all visitors, regardless of their visual abilities. Together we can create experiences that truly open eyes, hearts and minds.

Accessible Restaurant & Hospitality Menus

The best dining experience is an inclusive one. However, standard printed menus, QR codes, and digital formats often pose barriers for those with visual impairments, requiring assistance from others compromising independence. Contact us today to learn more.

Combination Braille & Large Print Menus

At, we provide comprehensive accessible menu solutions that remove these obstacles and enable individuals with visual impairments to make informed menu selections independently. Our signature combination braille and large print menus provide equal access to patrons across the full spectrum of visual abilities, removing barriers while delivering an elevated dining experience for all.

Specialty Menu Types

In addition to traditional menus, we offer braille transcription and production for any hospitality menu need, including:

  • Drink/beverage menus
  • Dessert menus
  • Wine lists
  • In-room dining menus
  • Banquet/event menus
  • Takeout/delivery menus

Unified Menu Production

In addition to our stand alone Accessible menu offerings, We can act as your full-service menu partner, producing your standard printed menus alongside fully accessible companion versions under one roof with a single order, point of contact, and invoice. This unified approach ensures consistent branding and experience across all formats.

With as your accessibility partner, you can provide a truly inclusive dining experience that empowers your patrons to make independent choices. Contact us today to explore menu solutions that open doors for everyone you serve.

Wayfinding & Signage

Improve navigation and create an accessible space for all with our ADA-compliant braille signage solutions. From room identifiers and directories to interpretive exhibits, our high-quality indoor and outdoor signage provides vital information access.
braille map with tactile symbols

Maps & Tactile Graphics

Bring visual concepts to life through raised tactile graphics and braille maps, allowing an enriched multi-sensory experience of illustrations, diagrams, artistic works, and more.
map for visitors with landmark tactile icons

High-Volume Braille Production

Our streamlined workflows and state-of-the-art equipment enable fast, accurate, and high-volume production of braille materials on demand. From books and manuals to magazines and newsletters, we can efficiently meet your bulk braille requirements.
close up photo of a printing press with a large stack of printed pages

Municipal & Government Communications

Ensure critical information, such as emergency alerts, policy updates, public notices, and meeting minutes, is accessible to all citizens in braille and large print formats. Clear communication is essential for effective governance.
photo of the archway over a town hall entrance

Business & Professional Materials

Make your business inclusive by providing accessible braille versions of brochures, flyers, documents, training materials, promotional items, onboarding resources, conference materials, business cards, and more.
business card with a braille overlay for accessibility

Empowering Inclusive Conference Participation

Conferences, conventions, and professional events should be equally enriching experiences for all attendees. However, for individuals with visual impairments, accessing standard printed agendas, handouts, exhibitor materials and other vital documents presents a major barrier to full participation.

At, we provide comprehensive braille and large print transcription services to make conferences truly inclusive. By converting agendas, handouts, and other documents into accessible formats, individuals with visual impairments can fully engage and access the same vital information as their sighted counterparts.

Our conference accessibility solutions include:

  • Braille and large print programs and event guides: Start the experience right with fully transcribed braille and enlarged print versions of schedules, maps, speaker bios and other essential event guides.
  • Exhibitor handouts and product sheets: Ensure your sponsors’ branding and messaging connects with every attendee through accessible braille and large print handouts and product information sheets.
  • Session presentations and handouts: From PowerPoint decks to PDF whitepapers, we accurately transcribe any format of supporting materials for full accessibility of all educational content.
  • Signage and wayfinding: Seamlessly integrate braille into directional signage, room identifiers, exhibitor booth labels and more for improved independent navigation.

With our efficient transcription processes and fast turnaround capabilities, can handle accessibility needs both large and small to meet your event’s timelines. We aim to simplify inclusion, so you can focus on providing an enriching experience for all.

Contact us today to explore ways we can empower equal participation and learning for attendees of all visual abilities at your next conference or event. Inclusive access starts with GetBraille.

people visiting booths at a computer trade show

Dual Vision Braille Books for Accessible Early Literacy is committed to nurturing literacy development and a love of reading from an early age for all children, including those with visual impairments. Our Dual Vision Braille Books allow publishers of children’s books and early reading resources to produce inclusive versions that are accessible to young braille readers.

These innovative books integrate contracted braille transcription seamlessly into the print illustrations and text layouts. Using our specialized production techniques, each page has the braille directly beneath the print, allowing sighted readers to follow along in perfect unison.

With Dual Vision Braille Books, children who are blind or visually impaired can fully engage with the same storybook content as their sighted peers. The multisensory reading experience nurtures cognitive development and shared joy of literature. Publishers can feel confident their offerings are opening up truly equal opportunities for reading success from the start. Contact us today to explore Dual Vision options for your upcoming children’s book releases.

boy reading a dual vision book in class while his teacher follows along

Personalized & Creative Projects

From greeting cards and personal correspondence to picture books and artistic endeavors, we can seamlessly integrate braille, enabling equal participation for those with visual impairments. we make a wide array of clear braille overlays that allow for application over existing printed text or graphics instantly transforming every day items to accessible versions.
collection of greeting cards in the shape of a heart

Accessible Product Labeling Solutions

For product manufacturers, properly labeling items with critical information and instructions is essential for customer safety and compliance. offers an innovative accessible labeling solution through our clear adhesive-backed combination print and braille product labels.

This specialized process involves a two-step approach that combines modern digital offset printing technology with traditional braille embossing. First, print content like logos, graphics, and text are rendered in high-resolution on a clear pressure sensitive substrate using color-fast inks.

The substrate then advances through our braille embosser, where the corresponding braille transcription gets precisely added. The result is a clear adhesive label that integrates large print visuals with raised braille.

These durable, conformable labels can be die cut and then applied directly onto product packaging, housings, controls, or any surface to improve accessibility.

From household items to industrial equipment, consumer electronics, medical devices and more, GetBraille’s combination visual and braille product labels ensure vital product information and instructions are equally accessible to all users regardless of their visual abilities. Request a quote today to explore labeling solutions for your product line.

Image illustrating a shampoo bottle labeled with an Innovative GetBraille combination Print and Braille Product label.

Spanish Braille

At, we are committed to making information and literature accessible to everyone, including the Spanish-speaking visually impaired community. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and communication, we proudly offer an array of materials transcribed into Spanish braille. Our offerings are designed to enhance everyday life and foster independence for Spanish-speaking Braille readers.
hand reading a sign in braille

Jumbo Braille

For those who have difficulty distinguishing traditional braille through their fingertips, jumbo braille is a solution. This includes individuals just starting to learn braille, as well as those who have lost sensation in their fingertips due to injury or age. The larger space between the dots used in jumbo braille allows individuals who struggle with standard sized braille to more easily distinguish between characters, resulting in improved reading speed and accuracy.
person reading braille

Custom Braille Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

While we offer a wide range of standard braille services, we understand that some projects require more specialized solutions. If you have a unique need not listed on our website, we want to collaborate with you to develop a customized approach.

Our team has extensive experience working with clients across diverse industries to create innovative accessible formats and products. We embrace challenges as opportunities to push the boundaries of what’s possible with braille transcription and production.

Some examples of custom braille projects we’ve delivered include:

  • Childrens’ books with integrated braille/print elements
  • Braille-embedded product packaging and instructions
  • Tactile museum exhibit guides and interpretive materials
  • Braille-transcribed scripts/stage plays and choreography notation
  • 3d printed architectural models and construction renderings (with a corresponding braille key describing varying components)
  • And many more unique applications…

No matter how unique your needs, has the creativity and technical capabilities to transform your vision into an accessible reality through braille and large print solutions.

If you have an idea for a custom braille application or are seeking an outside-the-box solution, we want to hear from you. Our professionals will work closely with you to understand your objectives, propose viable options, and produce an innovative braille product that exceeds your expectations.

The limits of braille accessibility continue to be redefined every day. Work with the experts at to pioneer inclusive new pathways. Contact us today, and let’s start exploring the possibilities together.

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