Braille Production Services

From creating accessible employee resources and educational materials to accessible combination braille and large print menus, we provide fast, accurate braille transcription and production services at competitive prices.

Our high-quality materials help ensure that those with visual impairments and print disabilities have equal access to written information and can effectively communicate with others. Converting hundreds of documents on your own can be a daunting task. Let us do the heavy lifting and take care of the accessible document production for you. Bring accessible content to those you serve with GetBraille.

woman with visual impairment reading accessible braille menu

Accessible Restaurant Menus

The best dining experience is an inclusive one. QR code, digital, and standard menus pose a barrier for those with visual impairments; accessing them may still require the assistance of another person and they may not be set up in a linear fashion – negatively affecting their readability with screen readers.

Let GetBraille provide accessible hardcopy versions for your establishment. We make ordering easy for everyone.  Our accessible menu solutions including combination braille and large print menus are convenient and compliant, enabling those with low or no vision to make independent, informed decisions about the best meal in their opinion.

Our accessible menus contain a large print section along with the braille to provide equal access to diners at all levels of the visual spectrum.

Seasonal menu changes? No problem! Get Braille can help you set up an account for a faster turnaround. Send us your menu in a Word document and we will convert it into an accessible format. Contact us for pricing.

image of a cart with menu choices

Disposable braille Menus

Convenient for quick serve restaurants, takeout/delivery and cafeterias, our disposable braille menus enable establishments to provide inexpensive accessible menu options in situations when bound reusable menus are impractical. 

Printing and Binding Formats:

  • Braille produced on 8.5”x 11” embossed paper in contracted UEB braille
  • 8-page limit, labeled and stapled in top left corner
  • Transcriber proofread
  • Securely packaged for safe shipping in bulk

Reusable Braille Menus

Convenient for sit-down establishments and quick-serve restaurants with static menus, our reusable braille menus offer inexpensive, durable, long-term solutions to providing accessible, inclusive dining experiences.

Printing and Binding Formats:

  • Braille produced on standard 8.5” x 11” braille paper in contracted UEB braille, 80-page limit
  • Finished with durable plastic covers (black with logo decal or clear, full-color plastic cover with braille overlay) and bound with plastic binding comb
  • Transcriber proofread, additional transcription services available for non-convertible formats (pdf, jpg, png)
  • Securely packaged for safe shipping in bulk

Custom Braille Menus

From specialty to upscale dining experiences, we can provide custom menu options designed to meet your specific needs.

Example Printing and Binding Formats:

  • Long-form menus sectioned by meal (i.e. lunch, dinner, seasonal)
  • Menu boards with braille overlays
  • Menus requiring the conversion of non-linear elements (including text columns and pictures), by a GetBraille team member into an accessible format of your choosing

Braille Educational Materials

Make education and training accessible to everyone. Get training manuals, study guides and other learning materials converted to hardcopy or digital braille formats.

The best format to send us your documents is in Microsoft Word. Other formats will incur a transcription fee to process. 

Accessible educational materials include:

  • Course Materials
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Lecture Notes
  • Audio and Video Descriptions or Transcripts
man with visual impairment studying braille textbook at computer

Braille Business Materials

Make your business accessible and inclusive to all. By providing accessible materials to your employees and customers, you’ll be offering equal access to information and facilitating an inclusive atmosphere for everyone. 

Accessible business materials include:

  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Temporary Indoor Signs
  • Documents
  • Training Materials
  • Promotional Materials
  • Onboarding Documents (I.E. Employee Handbooks, Policies and Regs, Guidelines, Offer Letters and More)
  • Conference Materials (I.E. Handouts, Brochures, Identifying Cards or Nametags, Hotel Menus, and More)
  • Business Cards
  • File and Equipment Labels
man with visual impairment listening to audio recording

Other Accessible Materials and Documents

Other types of documents we can convert into braille include but are not limited to:

  • Newsletters
  • Concert Programs
  • Theater Programs
  • Braille Inserts and Overlays for Cards and Messages
  • Resource Directories
  • Promotional or Informative Brochures
  • Telephone Call Center Agent Scripts
  • Screen Plays
  • Instructional Materials and Guides (or Appliances, Products, Hardware, Software and More)
  • Surveys and Outreach Letters
woman with visual impairment reading braille accessible document

Braille Transcription and Production Requirements

GetBraille can convert almost anything into accessible formats. However, certain formats are more readily convertible than others. For documents you wish to convert, the best format to send them in is a text-only Microsoft Word (doc/docx) format.

Braille Production Requirements:

  • Document text in MS Word file (doc/docx)
  • Braille type (UEB uncontracted Grade 1 braille, UEB contracted Grade 2 braille, or UEB contracted/uncontracted jumbo braille)
  • Number of copies
  • Desired turnaround time

For alternative formats, our in-house transcriptionist and proofreader can convert your document to a translation-ready digital braille (BRF) format.

Transcription Services:

  • Conversion, formatting, and proofreading of hand-written text, scanned non-OCR images, text boxes, and text columns by our in-house transcriptionist
  • Conversion, reformatting and proofreading of non-MS Word documents (pdf, jpg, png, etc.)
man with visual impairment listening to audio recording

Convenient Shipping Options

Please allow 3-4 weeks turnaround time for large and custom projects (50+ braille pages, 5+ copies), and 2 business days for small projects and personal correspondence products.

All materials will be mailed via Free Matter at no cost by default, shipped to US locations only. Accessible materials may be sent free of charge if mailed by or for the use of blind or other individuals who cannot read or use conventionally printed materials due to a print disability.

Ground UPS shipping is available for large and custom projects with less than a three-week turnaround time; estimated shipping costs will be included in your final quote.

accessible materials being shipped

Please Note: Pricing is subject to change.