Braille Signage & Wayfinding: Access for All

At, we believe every person deserves to navigate the world with confidence and independence, regardless of visual ability. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of ADA-compliant braille signage and wayfinding solutions.

Our ADA compliant combination braille and raised large print signs empower those with visual impairments to freely explore public spaces, office environments, educational institutions and more by providing critical information through the sense of touch.

Precision Braille Transcription

All of our signage starts with meticulous braille transcription. We follow strict guidelines to ensure accurate conversions of text, numbers, symbols and more into properly contracted and formatted braille.

Our transcriptionists also work closely with you to understand the full context and requirements for your signs, from character newline placement to maximizing braille line lengths for legibility.

Built Tough for Long-Lasting Use

Once transcribed, your text is then permanently rendered using specialized engraving processes onto ultra-durable acrylic.

These rugged signs stand up to heavy public use, extreme temperatures, UV exposure and more while still providing crisp, easy-to-read accessible large print and braille. Graphics, maps and pictograms can also be incorporated using high-contrast, tactile methods.

signage for a hiking trail using icons of hikers
arrow sign in a building hallway

Integrated Wayfinding Systems

Looking to implement a comprehensive wayfinding solution? We can create full combination large print and braille sign packages to guide users through any space.
Our team will:

  • Develop an intuitive sign hierarchy and placement plan
  • Ensure signs seamlessly integrate with existing architectural elements
  • Incorporate directional cues like braille compass roses and maps
  • Reinforce wayfinding through strategic sign clustering and consistency

The result is a unified system that orients users at all points of their journey, allowing effortless independent navigation for everyone.

Durable, ADA-Compliant, and Inclusive

Whether you need a single room identification sign or directional suite for an entire campus, delivers premium quality braille and tactile signage. We prioritize inclusivity in design, using premium materials and expert craftsmanship to create highly accessible wayfinding tools built to last.

Our friendly team is always ready to help bring clarity and equal access to any environment through the power of accessibility. Contact us today to learn how we can make your facility more welcoming to those with visual impairments and other disabilities.

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