Branded Signature Guides: Accessible Marketing Made Memorable

Make your organization’s brand unforgettable with our custom Signature Guides – ideal marketing giveaways for companies working with clients who are blind or visually impaired. These thoughtfully designed tools combine branding and accessibility to leave a lasting impression every time they’re used.

What are Signature Guides?

Signature Guides are die cut plastic guides that provide a tactile window to assist in writing signatures, initials or signing documents. To aid an individual with a visual impairment in the signing process, align the window in the center of the signature guide with the designated signature area. This will provide them with a consistent tactile boundary to stay within while signing documents, receipts, or other materials.

Image illustrating a credit card-sized GetBraille signature guide featuring a cut out window for locating the proper signature location.

Elevated Branding, Quite Literally

Our Signature Guides aren’t plain tools – they’re fully customizable canvases to showcase your organization’s brand identity through:

  • Printed Logo/Name: We’ll print your company’s logo and/or name onto the durable plastic.
  • Color Choices: Select eye-catching color options like bright white or sleek black to align with your brand palette and style.

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Memorable Branded Utility

By putting your branded Signature Guides directly into clients’ and prospects’ hands, you’re delivering more than just a marketing freebie. Every time that guide is used, your company is brought to the forefront through a helpful, innovative product. You’ll reinforce connections and stay top-of-mind by enhancing daily accessibility.

Market Smarter and Drive Engagement

Signature Guides make excellent branded giveaways, leave-behinds or direct mail pieces that demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity. Let us craft custom guides that get your organization noticed and appreciated across the visually impaired community you serve.

Connect with us to explore branding your signature guides!

Picture of a GetBraille signature guide in action signing a credit card receipt