Creating an Inclusive Environment at Senior Centers

For many older adults with vision loss, senior centers play a vital role in maintaining an active social life and accessing resources in their community. However, traditional print materials can create unnecessary barriers that make participating difficult or impossible.

At GetBraille, we’re committed to helping senior centers become fully inclusive spaces where no one is left out due to a visual impairment. Our braille transcription, large print, and audio description services allow you to make all your programs, publications, and multimedia accessible.

Some key ways we can enhance inclusion at your senior center:

  • Accessible event calendars and newsletters: by producing these in braille, large print, and audio formats, you’ll ensure no visually impaired members miss out on activities and important updates.
  • Large print menus and recreation schedules: Make it easy for all seniors to independently review class schedules, meal menus, and other facility information.
  • Audio-described videos and presentations: Whether showing an educational video or hosting a movie night, audio description allows visually impaired attendees to fully experience the visuals and content.
  • Clear wayfinding with braille signage: Install braille signs to help members with vision loss navigate your center independently and confidently.
woman at an activity in a senior center
By taking these accessibility measures, you’ll create a welcoming, inclusive environment where seniors of all abilities can thrive. Each and every member will gain equal opportunities to stay active, engaged, and connected to their thriving community.

Don’t let a visual impairment prevent full participation at your center. Contact us today to make your senior programs more accessible through our innovative services.

group of senior men playing a card game

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