Custom Braille Solutions: Unleashing Creativity without Limits

While offers a wide range of standard accessible transcription services, we thrive on going beyond the conventional. Our team loves pushing the boundaries of possibility and exploring how braille can integrate into unique applications.

Tell us your vision, no matter how creative or unconventional, and we’ll bring our expertise and innovative mindset to develop a custom braille solution tailored to your needs.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with clients on some truly extraordinary projects, including:

Braille-Integrated Artworks

We have made adhesive overlays to be incorporated into artworks and have helped artists with designing simbraille (printed representations of braille) to be incorporated directly into the work of art.

Braille on Baked Goods

You read that right – our transcriptionists have designed celebratory messages for bakeries to draw directly onto cakes, cookies, and other confectionary treats for special occasions.

Braille Product Packaging

We’ve created consumer product packages featuring braille overlays and inserts, making household items goods and products universally accessible with ingredient lists promotions and operating/usage instructions.

Tactile Interpretive Displays

For cultural institutions like zoos aquariums and museums, we’ve applied our accessibility expertise to develop interactive immersive braille-enriched exhibits.

person reading the braille label on a shampoo bottle
person using outdoor braille sign at a zoo exhibit
The limits of how braille can be implemented in creative and innovative ways continue to be explored every day. If you can dream it, we can help bring that vision to life in an accessible format through our knowhow and creativity.
Do you have an idea for a unique braille application? A passion project incorporating multi-sensory experiences? An unconventional product or place that could be enhanced through braille integration? Whatever your concept may be, GetBraille is ready to put our creativity to work for you.

Contact us today and let’s start a conversation about turning your ambitious ideas into accessible realities. We’re excited to collaborate and see what new frontiers of braille inclusion we can open together.

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