Dual Vision Braille Books

Learning to Read is Fun With Dual Vision Braille Books

Dual Vision Braille Books are accessible books with the braille text interlined with the printed words.

The print is written above the braille so that when someone is reading the braille, their fingers do not obstruct the corresponding print words and a sighted person, like a parent or teacher can follow along.

boy reading a childrens book using braille
While this Dual Vision approach is more expensive to produce than braille-only books, it provides an ideal solution for new braille readers just learning to read, track, and sound out words.

By having the large print text visible alongside the braille, parents or guardians, teachers, and sighted classmates can easily track which words the student is reading in real time. They can then provide joint reading support when needed. This allows for a smoother literacy journey for everyone.

boy reading a dual vision book in class while his teacher follows along

Accessible Reading Skills

Learning to read is a crucial milestone, and it requires support from both parents or guardians and teachers. When a child struggles with a word or mispronounces it, immediate feedback and correction are essential to reinforce proper reading habits and prevent incorrect patterns from forming.

In an educational setting, using a Dual Vision Book ensures that students with visual impairments have equal access to instructional materials alongside their peers. Teachers and educators can use these books to deliver inclusive lessons, fostering a supportive and equitable learning environment for all learners, regardless of their visual abilities.

For pupils who read braille, the task of following along and correcting errors becomes more challenging for sighted family members and educators.

However, our combination print-braille books bridge this gap by allowing sighted individuals to follow along and provide guidance as the student reads the braille portion. This invaluable resource empowers parents and educators to support the early reading journey of visually impaired little ones effectively.

teacher with young pupil learning to read

Braille Books For Low Vision Students

For kids with low vision, or learners who read using both braille and print, having the two formats interlined provides crucial flexibility. They can fluidly switch between reading methods depending on the context, their level of eye strain, the lighting conditions, or which mode best aids comprehension of certain passages.

This hybrid approach prevents them from having to choose one format definitively.

The combined text also permits important engagement from sighted parents or guardians, teachers, classroom aides, teaching assistants, or peer reading partners. They can follow along with the large print as the child reads the mirrored braille text, providing supportive monitoring.

When youngsters get stuck on a word, the shared, corresponding print allows the adult to easily identify the trouble-spot and provide phonetic guidance.

In group settings like classrooms, these Dual Vision Books enable more dynamic universal design reading experiences. The large print component gives the instructor the ability to read aloud from the same pages students are following in contracted braille.

This synchronization reinforces literacy skills through multiple modes of intake.

Image depicting the print above the braille so that the print can be viewed while a child is reading the braille.
Image depicting the print beneath the braille being obstructed by the readers hands.

GetBraille’s Dual Vision Braille Books

Whether reading independently, alongside a parent or guardian, or within an educational environment, GetBraille’s signature combination braille and large print books empower youth of all abilities to soak up knowledge.

These cohesive combination books make literature fundamentally inclusive for all learners to experience collectively.

Unlike other vendors, we offer on-demand printing and drop shipping services, ensuring that these essential resources are readily available and can be delivered directly to schools in a timely manner.

By front-loading the conversion process, we eliminate the need for extensive inventory or upfront production and hardcopy storage costs, making our solution not only accessible but also affordable.

We understand the challenges schools and families face in accessing braille materials, and our mission is to bridge that gap.

By partnering with publishers like you, we can bring these combination print-braille books to the market efficiently, ensuring that no visually impaired student is left behind in their journey to become a confident and proficient reader.

kids reading in a school library

Other Accessible Materials and Documents

Other types of documents we can convert into braille include but are not limited to:

  • Newsletters
  • Concert Programs
  • Theater Programs
  • Braille Inserts and Overlays for Cards and Messages
  • Resource Directories
  • Promotional or Informative Brochures
  • Telephone Call Center Agent Scripts
  • Screen Plays
  • Instructional Materials and Guides (or Appliances, Products, Hardware, Software and More)
  • Surveys and Outreach Letters
woman with visual impairment reading braille accessible document

Braille Transcription and Production Requirements

GetBraille can convert almost anything into accessible formats. However, certain formats are more readily convertible than others. For documents you wish to convert, the best format to send them in is a text-only Microsoft Word (doc/docx) format.

Braille Production Requirements:

  • Document text in MS Word file (doc/docx)
  • Braille type (UEB uncontracted Grade 1 braille, UEB contracted Grade 2 braille, or UEB contracted/uncontracted jumbo braille)
  • Number of copies
  • Desired turnaround time

For alternative formats, our in-house transcriptionist and proofreader can convert your document to a translation-ready digital braille (BRF) format.

Transcription Services:

  • Conversion, formatting, and proofreading of hand-written text, scanned non-OCR images, text boxes, and text columns by our in-house transcriptionist
  • Conversion, reformatting and proofreading of non-MS Word documents (pdf, jpg, png, etc.)
man with visual impairment listening to audio recording

Convenient Shipping Options

Please allow 3-4 weeks turnaround time for large and custom projects (50+ braille pages, 5+ copies), and 2 business days for small projects and personal correspondence products.

All materials will be mailed via Free Matter at no cost by default, shipped to US locations only. Accessible materials may be sent free of charge if mailed by or for the use of blind or other individuals who cannot read or use conventionally printed materials due to a print disability.

Ground UPS shipping is available for large and custom projects with less than a three-week turnaround time; estimated shipping costs will be included in your final quote.

accessible materials being shipped

Please Note: Pricing is subject to change.