GetBraille: Enhancing Disaster Prep for the Visually Impaired

When emergencies strike, being prepared can mean the difference between safety and danger. But what if you couldn’t visually access the evacuation maps or emergency instructions?

At GetBraille, we partner with disaster preparedness planners at all levels – city, county, state, local, tribal, corporate, and federal. Our mission is to make critical safety resources accessible to the visually impaired through braille, large print, and audio formats.

Bringing Vital Info Within Reach

Our services ensure no one is left behind when it comes to emergency preparedness. Whether transcribing safety bulletins into braille, providing large print guides, or creating audio descriptions for safety videos, we bridge the gap and deliver lifesaving information to those who need it most.

Large print and braille municipal communications are critical for:

sign for evacuation route on a town road

Hurricane and Extreme Weather Preparedness

Hurricanes and severe weather events can be particularly challenging for community members with visual impairments. Municipalities can facilitate better preparedness by providing Braille and large print versions of evacuation routes, emergency shelter locations, and safety procedures. Well in advance of any forecasted storm. Such measures ensure that these individuals receive crucial information swiftly and accurately, enabling them to make informed decisions during critical times.

winter storm warning sign

Wildfire Preparedness for Persons with Visual Impairments

In areas prone to wildfires, offering preparedness guides in Braille and large print allows residents with visual impairments to access vital information on how to protect themselves and their properties. This includes understanding evacuation routes, air quality indexes, and emergency contact numbers. By translating these guides into Braille and large print, municipalities help ensure that all community members can participate in safety measures comprehensively.

photo of a wildfire burning on a hillside

Earthquake Preparedness for Community Members with Visual Impairments

The sudden nature of earthquakes necessitates having accessible safety information for all. Braille and large print materials covering earthquake safety plans, such as securing heavy furniture, planning escape routes, and post-earthquake procedures, are invaluable. These resources empower individuals with visual impairments to respond effectively and protect themselves during and after seismic events.

road broken up by a landslide after an earthquake

The GetBraille Advantage

  • Expertise honed over years in the accessibility field
  • Urgent turnaround to meet crisis timelines
  • Compliance with all relevant regulations

Be Prepared, Not Panicked!

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to plan for your visually impaired community members. We’re ready to consult on making your emergency resources fully accessible and inclusive.

One phone call connects you with GetBraille’s vital services: (978) 882-1691. Or fill out the contact form on this page.

In times of crisis, ensuring equal access can save lives. Get prepared today with GetBraille.

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