Menus for Every Appetite: GetBraille’s Inclusive Dining Solutions

With 4.8% of Americans living with visual impairments, it’s essential restaurants prioritize menu accessibility. At GetBraille, we make inclusivity seamless with our innovative combination of large print and braille menus – provided as a signature offering with every order.

Comprehensive Menu Production, Unified Accessibility

As your full-service menu partner, we produce your standard printed menus alongside fully accessible companion versions under one roof. This unified approach ensures consistent branding and experience across all formats.

Our custom menus showcase:

  • Your menu content in standard print
  • A parallel large print edition with enlarged text/visuals
  • An integrated braille edition transcribed in unified English braille
  • Specialty formatting, materials and finishes available

Every order includes one of our signature accessible menus at no additional cost, removing barriers while providing elevated dining experiences for all patrons.

woman at a cafe reading a menu

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The Accessibility Advantage

By making your menu offering fully inclusive, you’ll realize valuable advantages:

  • A welcoming atmosphere that prioritizes all diners
  • Increased engagement and order satisfaction
  • Elevated brand perception as an innovative leader
  • Streamlined operations with a one-menu-solution

Quality and Consistency You Can Rely On

At GetBraille, we uphold rigorous quality control standards. Our accessibility specialists meticulously proofread every accessible menu version for 100% accuracy before production. You can trust your menus will be error-free while providing an exceptional experience.

Make your menu accessible to every guest by partnering with GetBraille for an inclusive, seamless dining experience from order to table. Use the form above to request a quote today!

restaurant hostess holding out menus at a table