High Volume Braille Production Made easy

When your business or organization needs to produce braille materials on a grand scale, GetBraille.com has the expertise and resources to handle jobs of any size. From thousands of braille instruction manuals to large print runs for mass mailings, our high volume production services ensure no braille project is too big.

Mass Mailings and Distribution

GetBraille.com collaborates with companies across industries as well as nonprofit organizations to execute large-scale braille mail campaigns. Our high-volume production capabilities allow us to emboss thousands upon thousands of braille letters, statements, flyers, brochures, bulletins, announcements and more for widespread distribution.

Whether you need to send braille billing statements to customers, membership materials to nonprofit donors, or promotional flyers for an upcoming product launch, we can handle the entire braille transcription and embossing process. Our team is experienced in rendering intricate layouts like tables, graphics, and text-heavy documents into an accurate braille format.

With a fleet of advanced braille embossers, we can produce the high quantities you require in a streamlined fashion. GetBraille.com has the infrastructure and capacity to take on braille mailings of virtually any size – from 5,000 pieces to 500,000 and beyond. We emboss with speed and quality assurance every step of the way.

By partnering with GetBraille.com for large-volume braille mailings, organizations can cost-effectively extend their reach and informational materials to clients, members, and communities with vision impairments. Our start-to-finish production services allow you to realize an accessible, inclusive mail campaign without hassle.

Product Instructions and Manuals

As a trusted supplier to companies selling products to the blind and visually impaired market, GetBraille.com transcribes large quantities of product manuals, instructions, and inserts into contracted UEB braille formats. We have experience adapting technical documentation and graphic illustrations into accessible braille following industry guidelines.

Whether you require 500 embossed user manuals or 10,000 braille product inserts, our team can handle the volume. We maintain a quick turnaround through our multi-line braille production workflow. We can even print product labels with our innovative process of combining print & braille label printing.

Braille Flyers and Newsletters

Need to get the word out about an upcoming event, promotion or newsletter? GetBraille.com’s high volume capabilities allow us to rapidly produce thousands of double-sided braille flyers or newsletters for wide distribution.

Simply provide a Microsoft word or PDF copy of your document and let us handle the transcription and large volume production.

Scalable Braille Solutions

With a fleet of technologically-advanced braille embossers GetBraille.com’s production capacity can scale to your needs. Our team is equipped to handle braille jobs from modest volumes up to braille transcriptions requiring hundreds of thousands of braille pages.

High quality and fast turnaround are our priorities, no matter the volume. Get started with your mass braille production project by connecting with our team today!

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