Innovative GetBraille Combination Print and Braille Product labels

Creating clear adhesive-backed combination print and Braille product labels is a significant advancement in making information accessible to both sighted and visually impaired individuals. This process involves a two-step approach that combines modern digital printing technology with traditional braille embossing methods.

The choice of clear adhesive-backed material as the substrate for both printing and embossing allows for versatile application on various products and surfaces, maintaining the design aesthetics of the underlying surface while providing essential information in both text and braille.

How combination print and Braille product labels are created

The first step uses a digital offset press, which is a type of printing technology that combines the principles of traditional offset printing with modern digital technology.

Unlike traditional offset printing that requires printing plates, digital offset printing allows for direct printing from digital files. This makes it highly efficient for short-run printing, offering high-quality prints with fine details and vibrant colors.

In this process, the printed text and graphics are applied to the clear adhesive labels in up to three colors. The ability to print in multiple colors enhances the visual appeal and effectiveness of the labels for sighted users. The digital offset press can accurately reproduce images and text on the clear material, ensuring that the printed content is crisp and legible.

If a client desires a colored background for their adhesive-backed labels, we can incorporate a colored base coat. . The base coat serves as the foundation for the subsequent printing of text and images, ensuring that they stand out against a solid, colored background.

Illustration demonstrating the application of  Innovative GetBraille combination Print and Braille Product labels to a shampoo bottle
Once the base coat is dry and set, text and graphics are printed over it. The digital offset press offers precise control over the placement and color of the printed elements, allowing for vibrant and legible text and images. This overprinting technique ensures that the printed content is sharply defined against the colored background, enhancing readability and visual appeal.

A colored background can significantly enhance the visual impact of the labels, making them more noticeable and engaging for users. It allows for greater creative expression and branding opportunities, as the background color can be matched to brand colors or design themes.

For labels that include both print and braille, a colored base coat can improve the contrast between the text/images and the background, making the printed content more accessible to low vision users.

After the digital printing of text and graphics, the next step involves embossing braille onto the same label using a high quality braille embosser to create crisp perfectly placed braille dots that can be read even under running water.

The braille is consistently placed underneath the large print, allowing for simultaneous braille and print reading, meeting all client needs from a universal design perspective.

The final step involves cutting the labels apart using a die cutter. This die cutter uses a custom-made die – a sharp, metal-shaped tool designed to cut specific shapes out of materials. The die is pressed into the label material with enough force to cut through it, creating labels of the exact size and shape required. This precision is vital for producing labels that fit the intended products or surfaces perfectly.

Each label produced by GetBraille includes a scored backing. Scoring refers to the process of making a precise, shallow cut into the label’s backing material. This cut does not penetrate the entire backing, but it creates a weakened line that makes it easier to bend, fold, or tear along this line.

For users, this means that peeling the label from its backing to expose the adhesive side becomes much simpler. The scored line acts as a guide, ensuring that the label can be removed smoothly and intact, ready for application.

How to order combination print and Braille product labels from GetBraille

Innovative GetBraille combination Print and Braille Product labels are available to enterprise customers only with a minimum order of 10,000 units. Contact us today to learn more and determine if Innovative GetBraille combination Print and Braille Product labels meet your accessible labeling needs.

For orders less than 10, 000 units, we can produce clear adhesive-backed product labels in braille only.