Jumbo Braille services

For those who have difficulty distinguishing traditional braille through their fingertips, jumbo braille is a solid solution. This includes individuals just starting to learn braille, as well as those who have lost sensation in their fingertips due to injury or age. The larger space between the dots making up the braille cell allows individuals who struggle with standard sized braille to more easily distinguish between characters, resulting in improved reading speed and accuracy.

Jumbo braille (also called expanded-cell braille or large cell braille) is composed of standard braille character dot combinations that are larger than normal by a ratio of about 150%; dot sizes/heights remain standard.

Jumbo braille can also be beneficial for individuals who are new to the braille system, as the larger dot spacing makes it easier to learn tracking and cell structures. This can help to reduce the learning curve and make it easier for individuals to start using braille effectively in their daily lives.

Send us your document and we will convert it to a jumbo  braille format. Contact us for pricing.

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Jumbo Braille Materials

Jumbo braille is not widely available and very few materials are produced in this larger format. It is particularly important for businesses, non-profits, schools and government agencies who have a responsibility to ensure that crucial information is accessible to all customers and constituents.

GetBraille.com has the capability to produce this expanded braille format in contracted or uncontracted Unified English Braille for individuals who find it useful.

Popular use cases include:

  • Restaurant Menus
  • Temporary Indoor Safety Signage and Directories
  • Books
  • Labels
  • Bills
  • Instructions
  • Brochures
  • Notices
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    Jumbo Braille Transcription and Production Requirements

    GetBraille can convert almost anything into jumbo braille; certain formats are more readily adaptable than others. For documents you wish to translate, the best format to send them in is a text-only Microsoft Word (doc/docx) document.

    Jumbo Braille Production Requirements:

    • Document text in MS Word (doc/docx) format
    • Number of copies
    • Desired turnaround time

     Please note: For alternative formats, our in-house transcriptionist and proofreader can convert your document to a translation-braille ready format (BRF) digital file.

    Jumbo Braille Transcriptions Services:

    • Conversion, formatting, and proofreading of hand-written text, scanned non-OCR images, text boxes, and text columns by our in-house transcriptionist
    • Converting, reformatting and proofreading of non-MS Word documents (dot pdf, jpg, png, etc.)
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    Fast, Convenient Shipping

    Please allow 3-4 weeks turnaround time for large and custom projects (50+ braille pages, 5+ copies), and 2 business days for small projects and personal correspondence products.

    All materials will be mailed via Free Matter at no cost by default, shipped to US locations only. Accessible materials may be sent free of charge if mailed by or for the use of blind or other individuals who cannot read or use conventionally printed materials due to a print disability.

    Ground UPS shipping is available for large and custom projects with less than a three-week turnaround time; estimated shipping costs will be included in your final quote.

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    Please Note: Pricing is subject to change.