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Making exhibitions accessible for all

GetBraille provides affordable solutions to increase the accessibility of museum exhibits for individuals with visual impairments and other print disabilities.

Museums are a window into our culture and history but not everyone currently has equal access to the information on display. Making museum exhibits accessible through braille, large print, and audio is a simple and effective way to create an inclusive and accessible experience for everyone. Our accessibility solutions help to promote a more equitable and understanding society, where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and enjoy the cultural treasures that museums have to offer.

Accessible museum exhibit with braille and tactile graphics

Accessible Exhibit Solutions

man with visual impairment exploring braille and large print resources at museum

GetBraille is here to help museums make their exhibits accessible through affordable braille, large print and audio solutions. In addition to these formats, we offer consultation on how best to non-visually convey your exhibit message.

Our diverse professional voice talent can record broadcast-quality audio descriptions of exhibits. Additionally, we can emboss braille plastic overlays for indoor temporary signage and make guidebooks available in braille and large print. We are dedicated to providing accessible solutions at affordable pricing so that museums can offer an inclusive experience for all visitors.

Our services include:

Universal Design Enhances the Museum Experience

Incorporating several modes for consuming information including braille, large print and audio into museum exhibits is an example of universal design. Universal design is about creating products and environments that can be used by everyone, regardless of their ability.

When museums implement universal design principles, it not only benefits people with disabilities, but it makes the museum experience better for everyone. For example, large print labels are easier to read for people with low vision and for seniors, while audio guides can be helpful for visitors who are hard of hearing or who simply prefer to listen rather than read.

man with visual impairment studying braille textbook at computer

Get Started with inclusive exhibits

man enjoying accessible museum exhibit via audio tour

As a museum or conference professional, you can take steps to make your own exhibits more accessible by working with GetBraille. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to provide the right solution for your museum, so that everyone can enjoy and learn from your enriching exhibits.

Let’s work together to create exhibit experiences that are accessible and inclusive for all.

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