Onboarding a Visually Impaired Employee

Are you considering extending an offer letter to a blind job applicant but have questions about how a visually impaired employee will function in the workplace? Onboarding a visually impaired employee can feel like a daunting task, but we are here to guide you through the process.

GetBraille.com offers a valuable service to employers who are looking to hire individuals with visual impairments. Our individualized consulting services provide guidance and support throughout the entire onboarding process, ensuring that the workplace is accessible and accommodating for visually impaired individuals. The service includes personalized training for supervisors and direct colleagues along with broader zoom training for the entire company. We also evaluate software and job tasks for accessibility, providing suggestions for any improvements ahead of the employee’s start date.

We will conduct a training session with the incoming employees’ supervisors and colleagues ahead of their start date to provide them an opportunity to get any questions answered about how persons with visual impairments complete tasks or live their daily lives.  We will also teach them best practices for helping somebody with a visual impairment navigate the office, learn job tasks, and teach supervisors to provide the necessary support to enable the employee to ramp up quickly and feel comfortable in their new role.

Corporate Wide Training for Onboarding a Visually Impaired Employee

We also provide wider training to the organization at large. This training will increase awareness, reduce stereotypes, and promote inclusion of individuals with visual impairments in the workplace.

We provide expert usability assessments to identify potential accessibility barriers with job tasks. For office type jobs, this includes testing software, databases, and CRM systems for compatibility with screen readers. For light industrial jobs, we can bring on a 3rd party consultant who is an individual with a visual impairment themselves who currently performs similar work. Together we can evaluate processes to identify places where a visually impaired individual may require adaptation. After the assessment, we will provide you with a report, highlighting any issues found, and provide recommendations for improvement.