GetBraille – Your Full-Service Accessible Marketing Partner

At GetBraille, we understand the importance of ensuring your printed communications are fully accessible to the communities you serve. That’s why we’re your one-stop shop for producing unified, on-brand marketing campaigns that are equally impactful for all audiences – regardless of visual abilities. We specialize in creating attention-grabbing print materials alongside accessible counterparts in large print and braille.

Don’t Sacrifice Visual Appeal for Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility, you shouldn’t have to compromise your brand’s look and feel. GetBraille’s designers craft accessible versions of your brochures, catalogs, newsletters and more that maintain your distinct brand visuals. Our large print formatting retains your vibrant colors, imagery and modern typography at an enlarged, readable scale. And our embossed braille editions replicate your printed pieces’ clean designs through thoughtful tactile interpretations.

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A Seamless, Consistent Experience

By handling both standard print production and accessible services under one roof, GetBraille ensures your marketing stays cohesive across all versions. We’ll work closely with your team to understand your brand standards up front. That way, whether your audience experiences your content through a printed brochure, a large print catalog or a braille magazine, they’ll be immersed in your recognizable brand.

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Unified Messaging, Compounding Impact

With GetBraille’s comprehensive accessible marketing solutions, you can effortlessly extend the reach of your campaigns. Leverage powerful branded content that commands attention across diverse audiences. Our accessible options allow you to capitalize on marketing’s full potential – driving broader awareness, engagement and impact.

With 4.8% of Americans living with a visual impairment, cohesive accessible marketing is imperative if your organization serves the elderly or the blind and visually impaired communities. At GetBraille, we understand the necessity of ensuring your communications can be easily consumed by these audiences without compromising your brand identity or message clarity.

Accessible Doesn’t Mean Afterthought

Too often, businesses treat accessible versions of their print marketing as an afterthought – something slapped together after the standard materials are produced. This can create a disjointed brand experience for the very individuals you’re trying to reach and build trust with. At GetBraille, we take an inclusive approach, developing accessible assets in lockstep with your mainstream collateral from the start.

Seamless Brand Continuity

By handling all facets of accessible production in-house, we ensure your branded content maintains a cohesive look, feel and voice across all formats and versions:

  • Large print editions mirror your original designs’ vibrant visuals through optimized formatting.
  • Embossed braille transcriptions retain the clean layouts and branded cover pages through meticulous braille translation.

This unified, thoughtful approach allows your core marketing messages and creative vision to translate consistently – facilitating an immersive on-brand experience no matter how your audiences consume the content.

A Direct Connection to Your Communities

For organizations serving the elderly or blind or visually impaired community, accessible marketing isn’t just good practice – it’s essential for fostering inclusivity and forging direct connections. With GetBraille’s inclusive production model, you can be confident every piece strengthens your brand’s resonance and cultivates valuable engagement, unlocking your marketing’s full potential impact.

Don’t let accessibility be an afterthought. Prioritize continuity and ensure your unified, on-brand voice shines through clearly to all audiences by partnering with GetBraille.

Let GetBraille be your total partner for crafting impactful, accessible and on-brand marketing campaigns. Share your vision with us today!

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