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Universal Design Services for Zoos and Aquariums

Experience the Wonders of Wildlife in a Whole New Way!

Zoos and aquariums have a vital role as windows to the natural world and stewards of the environment. Their responsibility extends beyond the mere display of interesting creatures; they are entrusted with the task of providing enriching experiences to all visitors, regardless of their abilities. This includes individuals with visual impairments, who often face challenges in engaging with exhibits through traditio

nal visual observation. At GetBraille.com, Our dedicated offerings for “Zoos and Aquariums” includes a range of resources and tools to ensure an enriching, inclusive, and accessible experience for all visitors.


Accessible Braille and large print Guidebooks


GetBrailleAccessible Braille and large print Guidebooks enable  visitors who are blind or visually impaired to Immerse themselves in the wonders of the animal kingdom. Our specially designed guidebooks provide all the information found on exhibits’ interpretive plaques in both braille and large print followed by a narrative description, also provided in braille and large print, describing the animal’s jphysical attributes  from head to tail along with its habits and a few relevant facts. This is followed by both a braille tactile graphic of the animal, along with a full-page color picture of that animal. The narrative descriptions naturally supplement the tactile braille graphics because braille images show shape but cannot always depict details such as color or the texture of fins, fur and feathers. Our guidebooks feature both Braille and large print formats, because Visual impairments exist on a spectrum, allowing individuals with varying degrees of vision loss to choose the reading method that best suits their needs.

Tactile Maps

Explore with independence using our tactile maps. These specially designed maps are crafted to provide a hands-on experience, helping you to understand the layout and orientation of each facility. Our team of blind and visually impaired staff approaches the creation process with navigation, comprehension, and the  maps’ purpose first and foremost.


 Immersive Audio Descriptions

Listen and learn with our engaging Immersive audio descriptions. These fully Immersive audio descriptions not only offer descriptive narratives about the animals, their habitats, and conservation efforts, but bring the sounds and stories of the flora and fauna to life by use of carefully curated sound effects and music.

Staff Training and Assistance

While physical accessibility solutions like Accessible Braille and large print Guidebooks and Immersive audio descriptions are vital, GetBraille also emphasizes the importance of comprehensive staff training. We are always ready to conduct educational seminars for zoo and aquarium teams focused on inclusive best practices when assisting guests with vision impairments.

Heighten Disability Awareness

Our interactive training sessions cover key topics to heighten disability awareness and empower staff as welcoming ambassadors, including:

  • Formal policies and procedures around service animals, physical admittance, and facility accommodations.
  • Proper etiquette for communicating with and guiding blind or low-vision individuals.
  • Techniques for providing vivid verbal descriptions to convey visual experiences.
  • Optimizing hands-on tactile opportunities for multisensory engagement.
  • Addressing unique challenges families/groups with mixed visual abilities may face.
  • Dispelling myths and assumptions around capabilities of those with vision loss.

Beyond theoretical instruction, GetBraille’s training actively immerses staff through simulation exercises using blindfolds and low vision goggles. This bridges their learning into a first-hand appreciation of navigating environments without sight.

By diving into the lived experience, staff develop greater empathy while practicing appropriate person-first language and interaction approaches. They gain confidence having meaningful dialogue, confidently delivering audio description tours, and proactively anticipating ways to reduce accessibility friction points.

After GetBraille’s comprehensive seminar, your frontline team emerges as highly-skilled ambassadors equipped with the mindset, knowledge, and essential tools to provide exceptional hospitality. Blind and visually impaired guests will feel welcomed into an environment where their needs are understood, creating truly memorable and inclusive experiences for all.

Sample guidebooks